Upside Down

According to yoga and many medical professionals,being upside down has many health benefits. It reduces stress, it clears your mind, strengthens your core, arms and shoulders.I recently read somewhere that when you head is in that flipped position it stimulates your lymphatic system and that in turn helps remove toxins from your body. Supposedly its a natural “face-lift” as well because when you are upside … Continue reading Upside Down

Almond/Walnut Chocolate Protein Bar

I wanted to share my favorite home made protein bar recipe that I originally found on I tried so many different ones and most of them either tasted bad or the texture was just off. The first time when I made it according to the recipe it came out too oily, almost not holding up together. I changed few things around and made it … Continue reading Almond/Walnut Chocolate Protein Bar

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How it all began

Let’s start at the beginning of my journey, 3 years back. When my son was 6 months old, I joined a gym and started working out 5 days a week. My workouts were mainly cardio, aerobics classes. I started meeting and talking to people at the gym and little by little I started taking some classes that involved light weight training. Soon enough I realized … Continue reading How it all began