Indoor Cycling-Peloton

About a year and a half ago, I heard about SoulCycle and decided to take my friend Esther there for her bday. We were beyond excited to try it because everyone was raving about it. We drove up to Short Hills and went on our first ride with the instructor named Bevin. She was amazing. The whole experience was surreal. It was a spin class but you would dance at times. The music was blasting and dimmed lights made it seem like we were at the night club. After 45 minutes we came out drenched in sweat. We were so hyped up and energized. We felt like we had an amazing full body workout. I definitely saw why people were so crazy about it!

After this class, I started googling to see if there was anything like SoulCycle in my area. Nothing came even close to it. There is a handful of spin studios but those were not it. I took few classes at my local gym and they were okay but nothing compared to SoulCycle.

As months went by I continued to do my own thing at the gym. At the same time, my husband and I have been searching around and trying to decide which cardio machine to get for our home gym. Someone suggested getting a spin bike but the idea of buying the spin bike and just spinning was never attractive to me. I could never picture my self just sitting there and aimlessly peddling. Scenic rides are not my thing either.

Then we came across Peloton. Indoor studio cycling at the comfort of your own home that’s SoulCycle style? I was hooked right away! I started doing research on the company and the bike and started asking around to see if any of my other friends knew about it. I even asked some SoulCycle addicts to ask their instructors what they thought of the Peloton. Everyone was coming back with the same answer which was, “Peloton is a pretty cool concept”.


Few months later, my husband surprised me for my bday and bought me the bike! I was overwhelmed. I could not wait for it to arrive. The cycling shoes came first, and they were awesome. Very comfortable, in a nice clean white color with pop of orange. My bike arrived 7 days later. Talk about speedy delivery!

The Peloton bike itself looked awesome. Sturdy frame and beautiful design. The screen is big enough so that you can really immerse your self in the class and feel like you are there. The screen has built in speakers which is a really nice feature because you don’t need to use the head phones. Touch screen feature makes it really easy to navigate around. If you are doing an on demand class, you can search for different classes by instructor, by type or length of the ride.


If you wanna log in live, you look up the schedule for that day and you log in at the time of the class. I really like logging in few minutes before because you really feel like you are there in the cycling studio and not at the house. Everyone is setting up, the instructor is saying hi to everyone and just the energy keeps setting up for the great ride ahead. What is cool about riding live is that you are on the leaderboard and you can see who you are spinning with. I think this makes me work even harder and makes me push my limits. I will talk about the metrics (Cadence, RPM, Resistance and Output),which is what you measure your performance by, in one of the next blogs. But here is one of the rides I took on demand so you can see how the metrics are displayed on the screen as you ride:


Peloton experience beats SoulCycle any day for so many reasons. I think the quality of the class is on the same level if not better. The instructors are first class, to say the least. They are all so different but yet all excellent in their own way. I rode with Robin, Jessica and Cody thus far. Hannah and Nikole are next on the list. Nothing can beat being able to bring the indoor cycling studio inside your own home and experience the class same way you would as if you were there. In addition, being socially connected while getting a great effective workout makes Peloton that much better.

I had no idea how addicting the spinning can be!

Until next time,


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