Upside Down

According to yoga and many medical professionals,being upside down has many health benefits. It reduces stress, it clears your mind, strengthens your core, arms and shoulders.I recently read somewhere that when you head is in that flipped position it stimulates your lymphatic system and that in turn helps remove toxins from your body. Supposedly its a natural “face-lift” as well because when you are upside down your skin hangs in the opposite direction of its natural state. Pretty interesting!

To be able to get into handstand position is challenging for me unless I have someone spotting me or I am against the wall. I want to believe its because I have long limbs but the truth is that I need to practice. I love going to Yoga Stream in Princeton and taking classes with Lara. She is the handstand queen and she encourages practicing in the middle of the floor and not using the wall. She believes the wall actually disables you to truly engage your core and stabilize as you hop up because if you know the wall is there your body will naturally go towards the wall and not stop and stabilize its self where its supposed to be. So I decided to be a good student and give it a try few times while in class. It made such a  difference! It truly is a completely different feeling. I always say I need to go back and be more consistent in yoga practice but I always find something else more important. I really would love to get it down. Practice, practice, practice!

In the mean time, I managed to get the headstand down.

I was talking to my trainer few months ago and I was complaining how I can’t do the handstands or headstands for the life of me. She was surprised because my upper body and core are pretty strong and I have a good balance. When she asked me to show her a headstand, she saw right away that my technique wasn’t right. That is, I didn’t have one! I would place my head and hands down and start kicking up with one leg then another and I was just all over the place. So she broke it down for me and it made all the difference!


Place your head and hands down to form a triangle



Place your legs one by one on your forearms (crow pose)


Finally, kick up both legs at the same time making sure you keep your core tight so you are able to stabilize and stay up.



At the beginning I could just kick up and stay straight for a second. Now I am able to stay up for quite awhile and even move around. But that took practice. I go upside down almost every day now.

Will this give me a “face-lift” as they say? Not certain. But one thing is for sure. It relieves any tension in my body and makes me feel better over all.

“Handstand a day, keeps the doctor away”. Handstands, here I come!

Until Next Time,




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