Spiralizer -New way to eat more vegetables

One of my favorite stores that I like to go to is William Sonoma. Since I love cooking, I like to explore around the store to see if there are any new gadgets, small appliances or any new cooking tools that I could add to my kitchen. During one of these walks, I saw Paderno Spiralizer. They had it displayed in the store and the … Continue reading Spiralizer -New way to eat more vegetables

Protein Shakes & Shakeology

I was first introduced to whey protein shakes when I first started with weight training about 3 years ago. I learned about the benefits and how important protein is if you want to build lean muscle mass. I started off as having one shake a day right after I workout. During training we break down the muscle fibers so it is essential that we re-build … Continue reading Protein Shakes & Shakeology

Twist On Traditional Meatballs

The very best meatball recipe I ever came across, comes from my favorite chef Ina Garten aka Barefoot Contessa. And when we have guests over or when I want to make traditional meatballs and spaghetti I always turn to this recipe. Every time, they come out so moist and in one word, perfect. She uses 3 different kinds of meat (pork, beef and veal), bread crumbs and … Continue reading Twist On Traditional Meatballs