What’s In Your Protein Bar?

There are so many protein/energy bars available on the market today. Companies use great marketing techniques to draw the people in to buy them. “All Natural”, “Pure”, “Thin”,” Perfect”,” Pro”, “Balance” are just some of the words that are commonly found on the packaging and most people associate these words with health and good nutrition. Unfortunately, those words do not mean anything at all. In … Continue reading What’s In Your Protein Bar?

Braised Chicken With Honey-Lemon Leeks

While roaming around B&N cookbook aisle I spotted a Cooking Light magazine called “The Weeknight Chicken cookbook”.  I was really excited to see this because I make chicken dishes probably 3-4 times a week and I am always looking out for new recipes. I made many dishes from this cookbook already and this one below is one of them. It is really simple, healthy and delicious. Braised … Continue reading Braised Chicken With Honey-Lemon Leeks

Not your traditional Musaka (Moussaka)

Growing up I used to love eating “Musaka” (You might have seen Greek version in US called “Moussaka”). Traditionally in Serbia, it is made with potatoes and ground pork and it is a rather heavy dish. Few years ago I decided to try and make it little healthier so that I can make it part of our dinner repertoire more often. I replaced potatoes with … Continue reading Not your traditional Musaka (Moussaka)