Homemade Popsicles

Last week my kids asked me to buy them popsicles so when I went grocery shopping I stopped by the frozen aisle to look for some. Knowing their favorite kind was the crayon shaped ones, I spotted them right away and before placing them in the cart I glanced at the label; High fructose corn syrup, sugar, corn syrup and then some more unpronounceable ingredients and finally fruit juice extract. I was shocked, to say the least. Not one nutritious ingredient, not even real fruit!

Now, if we rewind few months back, I never used to look at the food labels. I would always pick what I thought was a healthier version of the snack and something as simple as popsicle I was never too worried about. Once I started reading labels I actually realized that a lot of the things that our children eat these days are packed with not so good things. My kids were certainly disappointed when I stopped buying some of their favorite cereals and savory snacks. But more on this another time ( I am preparing a write up on kids healthier snacking options as we speak ;)).

Instead of getting popsicles that day, I came home with a big bag of fruit. My kids were rather disappointed, but their disappointment subsided quickly after I told them they will make their very own popsicles! The kids really enjoyed the process and they loved eating them as well.

To get started, prepare different fruits you would like to use. We used strawberries, blueberries, bananas, orange, kiwi and apples.

Instead of water or juice we used coconut milk as liquid ingredient and to sweeten, we used honey. Coconut milk adds some more nutritional value to this yummy treat!

As far as the molds, I found mine at the local Stop&Shop, you don’t need to have anything fancy here.

We made few different flavors:

One was mainly strawberries, with one banana and few orange slices. I like adding orange slices to this mix because it tones down the sweetness from banana and strawberries. And its adds nice tanginess.

Another was same as above except we added hand full of blueberries.

And finally, the last one was mainly blueberries and we added kiwi, apple, banana and orange slices.

Once you add the fruit to your blender or food processor  (I used my Vitamix, because it actually blends the fruit so well that you get a very smooth texture), add just enough coconut milk so that the fruit blends well. Depending how sweet your fruit is you might or not need to add some honey for sweetness.

To make the popsicles even more fun, we placed some cut up fruit on the bottom of the molds and some on top as well.

Once you fill up the molds, close them and freeze them over night.

Helpful tip: When you take the popsicles out, place them under hot running water and they will slide right out. Let’s just say, I learned this the hard way!

This is what ours looked like the next day. Not as fancy as the store bought ones, but certainly more delicious and nutritious!

Finally, here are my happy kids last week enjoying them 🙂

Until Next Time,










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