Baked chicken wings 

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My husband asked me why I am putting the wings up on the blog when they are not exactly “healthy”. Well, here is my thought:

I believe in balance and eating everything in moderation. So if you crave something you should have it but be mindful not to over do. Also, try and think of your body as a bank account: if you know you will splurge on something try and save somewhere else or earn more so that you can “fund” the splurge.

So how does this translate to food?  If you know you are going out tonight and you know you will have extra meals or drinks, be mindful of your choices throughout the day – go light at breakfast and lunch, keep it clean and healthy; and/or add an extra workout in to be able to “afford” the indulgence later on in the day.

Going back to wings. I do think of this meal as indulgence but it is not a big splurge like it would be if I were to eat them out. This recipe reduces the fat by a great deal by omitting butter and skipping frying but without compromising the taste.

The baked chicken wing recipe that I am sharing is not buffalo style since I make them for my whole family and my kids are still not exploring the world of spicy 😉 If you prefer the buffalo style, all you need to do it add the cayenne pepper to the dry spices below (about 1 teaspoon, depending on your taste). Or you can make them as described below and try my zesty dip on the side.
4 lbs of chicken wings (family pack)

1.5 teaspoons of garlic powder

1.5 teaspoons of red paprika

1.5-2 teaspoons of kosher salt

3 tablespoons of olive oil






Wash the chicken wings and pat them dry with the paper towel. Lay out the wings on a large sheet pan and season with dry spices first and then olive oil. Mix well.








Heat up the oven to 425F and bake the wings for about 25 min. Flip the wings over and bake for additional 15 min. At this point wings are perfectly cooked and golden brown but I like to put the wings in for additional 3-4 min under broiler just to get that perfect crisp.








These wings are so juicy and delicious without any extra condiments but if you are used to eating wings with buffalo sauce and blue cheese dressing, this zesty creamy dip will hit the spot.

2 tablespoons of vegenaise soy free (I use Follow Your Heart brand)

1 tablespoon of Dijon mustard

1/2 teaspoon of cayenne pepper

Few swirls of Sriracha

Mix all ingredients and add few swirls of Sriracha at the end. Dip can be stored in the fridge for few days and used as a condiment for fresh vegetables,sweet potato fries, grilled chicken slices and much more.


Until Next time,


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