Eat More Honey 

According to Medical Daily and WebMD there are many benefits of honey among which the ones below are the most talked about:

  • Antioxidant
  • Anti bacterial and anti fungal- great for treating acne or dry itchy skin even dandruff! When applied to open wounds it can prevent infections.
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Great for supressing coughs and soothing sore throats
  • Source of Amino acids- tryptophan being one- converts to seratonin and finally melatonin which promotes sleep. Natural sleep aid!
  • Natural energy boost- 1 tablespoon contains 64 calories (17 grams of carbohydrates) of pure glucose and fructose. Glucose goes directly to the blood stream and gives immediate energy where fructose is absorbed slower and sustains the energy for a longer period.

I read somewhere recently that honey also acts as a natural diuretic and it is great for removing excess water. It is also great for digestion and it curbs appetite!

In the recent findings, not proven yet, eating local honey can help you cope with outdoor allergies. Since honey contains traces of pollen from local area, your body receives dose of it and this is how your body develops immunity to some of the allergens in the air.

I spent the last 6 days up in the mountains where my dad was born and where I used to spend summers and winters growing up. It is located in Eastern Herzegovina which is part of southeastern Europe.  It is 4200 feet above the sea level and it’s absolutely gorgeous despite the fact that it seems like the time has stopped here. The mornings are crisp and fresh and it is warm and sunny during the day. Air smells like fresh cut grass and flowers. Truly mind clearing!

My dad retired few years ago and decided to become a beekeeper. Over the past couple years he was able to produce over 200 kg (~400 lbs) of honey a year! The vegetation is just mesmerizing here and there are no factories and not many cars so pollution is minimal. This is why the honey tastes so good. You can almost smell the flowers in it!

Yesterday I had the opportunity to see how he extracts the honey. It is a very cool process especially because it is done the old fashioned way. My kids really enjoyed learning about it and helping him do it all.

Here are few pictures so you can see how it’s done:

Bee housing- this is where honeycomb frames are housed and bees make the honey here

Honey combs are opened with the special tool

Once opened, honeycomb frames are inserted in this circular metal container; the handle is turned fast and honeycomb frames are being drained by natural force that is created on the inside by spinning.

As you spin the handle, the honey drips…

The next day, honey is put in the sterilized glass containers and ready!

Now that I saw how this whole process works and how much time my dad puts into all this, every spoon that I eat, I appreciate even more.  And knowing how pure this honey is, I truly feel so fortunate.

My dad always used to tell me how good the honey is for me but I never knew why. Now as I am a grown up I sure do know why and I eat it daily!

Honey is the only sugar substitute I use and it’s my very favorite sweetener for oatmeal in the morning. I use it in many recipes when cooking, for salad dressings and in my shakes. Need to detox? Try honey and lemon mixed with water.

There are so many vitamins and minerals found in the honey that adding it to your diet is sure beneficial. The medical properties of honey keep surfacing and I am sure there are so many more to be discovered.
So I say, bring on the honey!

Until Next Time,


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