Gluten Free Banana Muffins 

Lately, I have been experimenting in the kitchen trying to come up with different homemade protein snacks and healthy desserts. It is not always easy to replace sugar, flour and/or eggs and get something that actually tastes and looks good. Not as easy as I thought! If you go to “recipes” section of my blog, you will find some nice protein bars and energy balls … Continue reading Gluten Free Banana Muffins 

How Many Times Have You Heard “Eat More Fiber”?

I always thought I had a “perfect diet”. We eat a lot of protein, mainly “good” carbs and lots of vegetables. I would say our diet is pretty clean 80% of the time. Both my husband and I lift weights and are very active so naturally I tend to make a lot of protein based meals. We also make sure when we do eat fat, it … Continue reading How Many Times Have You Heard “Eat More Fiber”?

Mediterranean Diet For A Week

Mediterranean diet is not really not a “diet,”  it is a life long lifestyle change. Following this diet will not make you loose the weight quickly but the weight loss and benefits of eating this way would bloom over time. Longer life, healthier looking skin, reduced risks of many diseases are just some of the benefits that you could potentially enjoy if you follow this type of diet. … Continue reading Mediterranean Diet For A Week

Guilt Free Coconut Choco Dessert

Coconut is one of the most talked about superfoods today. Adding different forms of coconut to your diet can have many benefits internally and externally. Coconut posses immune boosting properties, it speeds up your metabolism and burns fat, kills bad bacteria in the body and over the long run it can even reduce risks of the heart disease. This powerful fruit is also a great … Continue reading Guilt Free Coconut Choco Dessert

What’s In Your Protein Bar?

There are so many protein/energy bars available on the market today. Companies use great marketing techniques to draw the people in to buy them. “All Natural”, “Pure”, “Thin”,” Perfect”,” Pro”, “Balance” are just some of the words that are commonly found on the packaging and most people associate these words with health and good nutrition. Unfortunately, those words do not mean anything at all. In … Continue reading What’s In Your Protein Bar?

Protein Shakes & Shakeology

I was first introduced to whey protein shakes when I first started with weight training about 3 years ago. I learned about the benefits and how important protein is if you want to build lean muscle mass. I started off as having one shake a day right after I workout. During training we break down the muscle fibers so it is essential that we re-build … Continue reading Protein Shakes & Shakeology