Oatmeal Almond Protein Bars 

Making your own protein bars is really easy and has so many benefits; you know what you are eating, you know the quality of the ingredients and it is less expensive. These delicious bars are packed with protein, fiber and good fats. Great to have as a pre workout fuel, post work out quick bite, grab and go or when that sweet tooth strikes in … Continue reading Oatmeal Almond Protein Bars 

The Power Of Superfoods 

Foods that are nutrient dense, highly concentrated and very potent are considered to be Superfoods. Goji, Acai & Camu Berries, Cacao, Maca, Chlorella & Spirulina, Hemp, Chia & Flax seeds are some of the superfoods that are most talked about. Some others include medicinal mushrooms such as Chaga & Reishi,  Bee products (pollen, propolis and honey) and Sea vegetables (Nori, Kelp). The supefoods are very … Continue reading The Power Of Superfoods 

How Many Times Have You Heard “Eat More Fiber”?

I always thought I had a “perfect diet”. We eat a lot of protein, mainly “good” carbs and lots of vegetables. I would say our diet is pretty clean 80% of the time. Both my husband and I lift weights and are very active so naturally I tend to make a lot of protein based meals. We also make sure when we do eat fat, it … Continue reading How Many Times Have You Heard “Eat More Fiber”?

Protein Shakes & Shakeology

I was first introduced to whey protein shakes when I first started with weight training about 3 years ago. I learned about the benefits and how important protein is if you want to build lean muscle mass. I started off as having one shake a day right after I workout. During training we break down the muscle fibers so it is essential that we re-build … Continue reading Protein Shakes & Shakeology

Almond/Walnut Chocolate Protein Bar

I wanted to share my favorite home made protein bar recipe that I originally found on BodyRockTV.com. I tried so many different ones and most of them either tasted bad or the texture was just off. The first time when I made it according to the recipe it came out too oily, almost not holding up together. I changed few things around and made it … Continue reading Almond/Walnut Chocolate Protein Bar

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How it all began

Let’s start at the beginning of my journey, 3 years back. When my son was 6 months old, I joined a gym and started working out 5 days a week. My workouts were mainly cardio, aerobics classes. I started meeting and talking to people at the gym and little by little I started taking some classes that involved light weight training. Soon enough I realized … Continue reading How it all began